Outdoor summer barbecues can be tons of fun. However, they can be a bit challenging to cater because guests may not have access to all the amenities that are typically available at an indoor event. Nevertheless, with proper planning, the barbecue can still be a hit. Here are a few items other than food that you will need to bring along:


For an outdoor barbecue, ice is essential. In addition to the ice needed for drinks, you may need ice to serve as refrigeration, since access to an electrical outlet is sometimes unavailable.

There are bound to be a few foods served that need to remain cold for sanitation reasons or simply due to the nature of the food. For instance, if you are planning to serve potato salad, the egg content can cause the food to become unsafe if it is kept warm. The cold of the ice can help discourage bacterial growth and keep guests from becoming sick after the barbecue. In addition, fruit may wither in the summer heat. An attractive display in which fruit, such as a carved watermelon, can sit in ice will keep it chilled and fresh. 

Hand Sanitizer

If there are no nearby restrooms, you will need hand sanitizer for the barbecue. The sanitizer can be displayed near the front of the serving line so that guests can clean their hands before touching common utensils or eating. However, if your guests will be served by a wait staff, the sanitizer can be placed on the guest tables.

Large containers are relatively cheap, so they won't spoil your catering budget for the barbecue. 

Wet Wipes

Even though napkins may be available, wet wipes are great additions to an outdoor barbecue. Hands and fingers that become sticky from handling the barbecued meats need moisture to get them clean. Wet wipes can be displayed on the tables in large containers for the guests to grab at will, or you may decide to place individually wrapped containers beside a place setting if you are having servers present the food to your guests.

Your guests will be thankful for the added thoughtfulness and convenience of the wipes.

Catering an outdoor summer barbecue can have its challenges. You will want your guests to have access to all the eating accessories they need so that they can focus on the delicious food and drink you are serving. If you are catering the event yourself and find it too overwhelming, don't fret. There is certainly a  catering service in your area, such as Bassett Caterers, that can help.