The craft beer industry continues to grow. This past summer, the production of craft beer in the United States rose 16% compared to 2014. You can easily find a variety of craft beer at your local supermarket, and restaurants and bars are keeping up with the craft beer trend by offering many different varieties on tap. Here is a quick guide to pairing different types of craft beer with different types of food. 

American Pale Lager

This is not a heavy beer. This type of beer has a really straightforward, clean and refreshing flavor. To punch up the flavor of the American Pale Lager that you order, you can add a slice of lime to your beer.

The American Pale Lager works best with dishes that are full of light and bright flavors, such as a chicken salad. It also works really well with sweet fried foods, such as fish tacos with some cilantro on top. 

Double IPA

Double IPA craft beers have a slight citrus tang to them combined with an herbal taste. They are tangy, herbal and just a little bit sweet, all at once. 

This combination can really help bring out the flavors in a wide variety of dishes. A craft beer double IPA is probably best paired with a plate of carne asada with mojo sauce or with a big, juicy steak dish. The sweetness and flavor of a piece of beef cooked to about medium-rare is really enhanced with a glass of a double IPA craft beer. 


A quadrupel beer has a really rich, stonefruit flavor. It also has a slight pepper and yeast flavor as well. It has all the flavor of a deep red wine but lacks that astringent tannin taste that comes with red wine. 

A quadrupel craft beer pairs really well with some nice, grilled pork ribs.

Blond Ale

A blonde ale generally has smells both fruity and earthy. Blonde ales vary in color from a light gold to a deeper, more intense gold color. They taste sweet at first and finish off with a very mild hop taste.

A blonde ale pairs great with a wide variety of fruit flavored dishes, such as apple pie, peach cobbler and strawberry shortcake. It is a great beer to enjoy after your main course is over, when you want something to sip on while enjoying a light dessert.

Try one of the craft beer food pairings recommended above the next time you go out to dinner, or purchase one of the styles of craft beers listed above and make one of the recommended food pairs for dinner this week. Craft beers open up a whole new world of taste and flavor for you to explore. Professionals like Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet can give you more advice.