Business meetings are often unpleasant for those who are involved due to the fact that they can be tedious and not have a ton of breaks. If you have a lot that you would like to get done during your next meeting, and you want people to stay in the area and not wander off, then you will need to make sure that you have food for them at the meeting itself. Having a catering staff cater your next business meeting will allow you to make sure that you can keep everyone fed, happy, and on-track during the meeting. Here are some tips for making sure that your next business meeting goes smoothly with regards to food.

1. Consider Switching Rooms

A food services or catering staff is going to be able to bring all of the silverware, plates, and other items that you need to have a nice meal, as well as tablecloths, place mats, and centerpieces. In order for your catering staff to make a great impression on the people in the meeting, you will need to be sure that you allow the staff to create and set up the room. One way to make sure that this happens is to plan to have your meeting start in one room that is large enough for everyone and then tell the catering staff when you will be serving lunch. Then, when it comes time to serve lunch, transition to another room where everything has been set up. Have the staff discretely clear away plates but leave snacks on the table so that you can finish your meeting in the room where lunch was served. This is an excellent tactic if you need to impress a client.

2. Have Food Allergies and Preferences for Everyone At the Meeting

If you are planning to cater a lunch meeting for your staff, make sure that you know the food allergies and preferences of everyone who will be in the meeting ahead of time. Consider making a list of everyone who has food allergies and giving it to your catering company so that you can make sure that you have food that everyone can eat. If you continue using the same catering company, you will be able to make sure that your employees always have something that they can eat.

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