Have you heard several complaints from friends and family members that grocery stores in their areas have gotten too large? Maybe they've talked about wanting only a gallon of milk, but having to go all the way to the back of the store is totally inconvenient. With those conversations in mind, maybe you have decided to establish a small specialty foods market that will serve those in your community.

Do you have a plan for your small market? From arranging for commercial refrigeration to reserving dining space, here are some ideas that might help you. 

Arrange For Commercial Refrigeration - Think of all of the equipment you'll need for the things that you'll need to keep either frozen or refrigerated. For example, a reach-in refrigerator that will hold things like milk, cheese, assorted yogurts, and other dairy products will be one important purchase. A separate refrigerated display will be perfect for things like cream-filled pies, layered puddings, and fancy tortes. 

Besides refrigerators, you'll need commercial freezers where things like frozen dinners and ice cream treats can be stored at the appropriate temperature. Will there be a need for under-the-counter refrigerator space? For example, if you will be serving made-to-order sandwiches, you'll want to have things like sliced meats, cheeses, and vegetables handy for when you need to replenish containers that hold those items. A company like Hooten Equipment Company LLC can help you select the right commercial refrigerators and freezers for your space and needs.

Arrange For Dining Space - You have probably considered that many of your customers will want to enjoy a meal right in your specialty foods market. Think of setting up small tables that can easily be pushed together to create a larger seating space. Consider the mood that you want to establish in your new marketplace. 

For instance, if you want a contemporary feeling, think of selecting metal furniture with simple lines. Maybe you want the look of a French sidewalk cafe. If that's the case, bistro-style tables and chairs would be perfect. Or, create a shabby chic look with the purchase of wooden tables and mismatched chairs that have been painted in a shabby chic style. 

No matter the style you establish for the dining space in your marketplace, think of also having a small refrigerated case that will hold things like ice cream sandwiches, individual ice cream cups, and prepackaged ice cream cones. You could put the refrigerated case on an attractive table with wheels to add charm and interest to the eating area.